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Heating and Cooling Equipment

Due to the fire hazard risk associated with unattended space heaters as well as the additional electrical load, space heaters and other similar equipment are strictly prohibited. Space heaters will be collected when found and brought down to the Property Management Office with a label indicating where the space heater was removed. If possible, the tenant will be notified and the individual will have an opportunity to collect the heater so that they may remove it from the building.

Tenants should not tamper with or attempt to adjust temperature control thermostats (or obstruct air flow from vents) in the Leased Premises. The Building Engineers of Columbia Square shall adjust thermostats as required to maintain the Building standard temperature. Management requests that all window blinds remain down and tilted at a 45-degree angle toward the exterior of the Building to help maintain comfortable room temperatures and conserve energy.

Please Click Here for Space Heater Notice Form (opens in a new window)