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Key and Lock Policy

For additional security, the Columbia Square keying system is based on a restricted keyway. Additional keys can be obtained only from the Property Management Office for a nominal fee. Also, requests for additional locks and for lock changes are to be addressed to the Property Management Office. NO ADDITIONAL LOCKS ARE TO BE INSTALLED WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE PROPERTY MANAGER.

The Property Management Office will furnish the Tenants, free of charge, two (2) keys for each corridor door entering the Leased Premises. Additional keys will be available from the Property Management Office at a nominal charge. All such keys shall remain the property of Columbia Square. No additional locks shall be allowed on any door to or within the Leased Premises without the Property Management Office's express written permission. Upon termination of the Lease Agreement, the Tenant shall surrender to the Property Management Office all keys furnished to the Tenant as well as the combination of all locks for safes, safe cabinets and vault doors, if any are left in the Leased Premises.

When an employee has forgotten his or her access card, they may be issued a one day temporary card. Employees needing a temporary card should report to the Lobby Security Desk. The employee will be required to show proper photo identification, and verification with the tenant contact that the employee may be issued a temporary badge will be made by means of a phone call.

Every effort will be made to reach the tenant contact, but if the tenant contact is not available a temporary employee access card will not be issued.

Once authorization has been received, the temporary card will be issued, and the lost or forgotten card deactivated. Once the employee returns the temporary card, his or her building ID/proximity card will be reactivated.

Employees that have lost their cards will be issued a new card once proper authorization has been received. Tenants will be billed for replacement cards and for any temporary employee cards that are not returned. In order to protect the integrity of the system, it is vital that lost or stolen cards are reported to the Property Management Office and Kastle Systems as soon as possible so that the cards may be deactivated.

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