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Housekeeping Services


General Cleaning
Standard janitorial services are provided five (5) days per week (Monday - Friday), except for certain building lease holidays. All special cleaning requests are subject to additional charges and should be made through the Hines Property Management Office.

Boxes to be disposed of must be flattened and stacked within the leased premises and clearly marked "trash".

Disposal of any other bulk trash items, such as furniture or office equipment, which will not fit into the usual trash receptacles must be coordinated through the Hines Property Management Office. The Hines Property Management Office must be contacted so that a work ticket can be produced. If trash is not labeled “trash” or is not placed in a wastebasket, housekeeping will not remove these items. However, important documents should not be left on or near wastebaskets. Additionally, if a desk is not cleared off, housekeeping will not move any items or documents on the desk. 

Standard nightly janitorial services include the cleaning of counters and sinks within the kitchen but do not include the cleaning of kitchen equipment, for example, coffee pots, microwaves, or dishes. These services are available through the Hines Property Management Office for an additional charge. Tenants shall not employ any janitorial service or other person to clean the leased premises other than the regular janitorial service of the building without the expressed written permission of the Hines Property Management Office. The nightly janitorial team begins cleaning tenant spaces at 6:00 PM. 

Your lease will govern in detail what services are included in general cleaning. Below is a list that summarizes those services. 


  • Empty trash cans and recyclable paper cans 
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces, desks, chairs, files, telephones, picture frames, etc. 
  • Damp wipe plastic or formica desktops that are accessible to the janitorial staff without having to move documents, fixtures, and/or other equipment 
  • Clean and sanitize drinking fountains, follow with stainless steel cleaner 
  • Spot-clean all building windows
  • Dust mop and spot-clean all tiled areas 
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas 
  • Dust mop all wood floors
  • Restrooms cleaned and disinfected

Performed as Necessary:

  • Spot clean carpeted areas 
  • Shampoo public areas outside tenants' space 
  • Damp mop all tile floors 
  • Machine buff all tile floors 
  • Strip and recoat all tile floors 
  • Snow and ice treatment

Special Services
Additional cleaning services are available through the Hines Property Management Office. Above-standard building services are available at an additional charge based on time and materials.

Daily Services Available at an Additional Cost: 

  • Bulk trash removal 
  • Bulk E-waste removal 
  • Recycling receptacle delivery and removal 
  • Tenant pantry/kitchen cleaning and disinfecting 
  • Detailed office cleaning at a specific time (dusting, vacuuming, spot carpet cleaning, etc.)
  • Clorox Total 360 Electrostatic Sprayer which offers full surface coverage disinfecting and sanitizing by spraying Total 360 Disinfectant Cleaner over the entirety of the requested interior office space.

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