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In accordance with D.C. law, Columbia Square recycles white paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and newspaper.

Mixed Paper
Presently, the housekeeping staff picks up mixed paper recycling from each office, secretarial station, and copy room from the appropriate recycling containers on a nightly basis. Mixed paper includes white paper, colored paper, magazines, newspapers, envelopes (both with and without windows), post-its, etc. It is extremely important that only recyclable mixed paper be placed in the recycling containers. Any food trash found in the recycling containers will cause the entire container to be discarded by the housekeeping staff in the normal trash.

All discarded cardboard is taken from each tenant space on a nightly basis. Tenants need to break down (flatten) all boxes and clearly mark the cardboard as trash.

Battery recycling is available at select locations throughout the building in tenant leased spaces. Batteries include standard household, and phone batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt, etc). The building is unable to accept batteries such as car batteries and other special use batteries.

Comingled (Aluminum, Glass, & Plastic)
These materials are collected as needed but at least on a weekly basis from central collection locations within the leased premises. Acceptable plastic for recycling are plastic items carrying the numbers 1 through 9. Food should be rinsed out.

More substantial aluminum, glass, and cardboard receptacles are located in the loading dock for all Columbia Square tenants who may need to recycle a bulk load of material collected from their specific office space at any particular time. In the case of the loading dock containers, the Security Officer at the Loading Dock Office can help in pointing out the appropriate containers. We hope that the availability of these containers and the recycling service will act as the first step towards a heightened awareness of recycling at Columbia Square. If you would like advice on how to collect recyclable materials more efficiently within your firm's space, please contact the Hines Property Management Office. Please click on the link below to view the Columbia Square Recycling Guide.

Please click here to view the Columbia Square Recycling Guide

Columbia Square has a permanent E-waste container located in the loading dock that tenants may use to responsibly dispose of electronic waste. Please refer to the Electronic Waste Guide to identify acceptable and unacceptable materials for the container.

Please click here to view the Columbia Square Electronic Waste Guide