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Building Access

Columbia Square reserves the right to deny entry to anyone without proper identification. For the safety and security of our Tenants, any person leaving with any furniture, computers, equipment, etc. must have written permission (Property Removal Pass (opens in a new window)) from the Tenant, a copy of which shall be furnished to the security desk at the time such items are removed. Any persons leaving with small items may be required to show proper identification and then complete a short security form for the item or items to be removed from the Building. These forms are available at the Security Desk in the Lobby.

Columbia Square shall not be responsible for lost or stolen property, money or jewelry from the Leased Premises or public areas regardless of whether such loss occurs when the area is locked against entry. Columbia Square only provides access control to the common areas of this Building and does not assume any responsibility for security of Tenant spaces.

Canvassing, soliciting, and peddling in the Building is strictly prohibited. If you become aware of any such person, please notify the Property Management Office immediately.


The East and West Tower Elevator banks, including the vestibule leading from the West Stairwell A in the West tower and the Mailroom, Loading Dock and Subway café in the East tower, are equipped with Security Entrance Portals. The Security Entrance Portals will be secured at all times and access entering and exiting the elevator banks will be through the use of a proximity card.

Passenger elevators will be secured at all times and access to individual floors will be through the use of a proximity card. Proximity readers are installed in each elevator, excluding the three elevators servicing the parking garage. Tenants use their proximity cards in order to access their authorized floor(s). The installation of a proximity reader on both sides of the elevator cab at the call button panel facilitates the speed in which this procedure is done. As passenger elevators are secured at all times on most floors, inter-floor traffic requires the use of the proximity card within the elevator.