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Your lease will govern in details what services are included in general cleaning. Below is a list that summarizes those services. Additional information can be found in the Building Rules and Regulations section of this manual.


  • Common areas dusted, buffed, and polished.
  • Waste and mixed paper receptacles emptied.
  • Carpeted areas vacuumed.
  • Horizontal areas dusted.
  • Smudges removed from vertical surfaces.
  • Stairwells and uncarpeted areas swept.
  • Restrooms cleaned and disinfected.

Performed as Necessary:

  • Waste receptacles washed.
  • Recycling receptacles emptied.
  • Window sills washed.
  • Uncarpeted floors damp-mopped.
  • Carpet spots removed.
  • Floors stripped and waxed.
  • Light fixtures dusted.
  • Venetian blinds dusted.

Additional cleaning services are available through the Property Management Office. Above-standard Building services are available at an additional charge based on time and materials.

Standard janitorial services are provided five (5) days per week (Monday - Friday), except for certain building holidays. All special cleaning requests are subject to additional charges and should be made through the Property Management Office.

Boxes to be disposed of must be flattened and stacked within the Leased Premises and clearly marked "trash".

Disposal of any other trash which will not fit into the usual trash receptacles must be coordinated through the Property Management Office. The Property Management Office must be contacted so that a work ticket can be produced. Important papers, boxes, maps, plans, and the like should not be left on or near wastebaskets.

Standard nightly janitorial services do not provide for the washing of dishes, glasses, coffeepots, utensils, or the cleaning of the kitchens or wet bars on the Leased Premises. These services are available through the Property Management Office for an additional charge. Tenants shall not employ any janitorial service or other person to clean the Leased Premises other than the regular janitorial service of the Building without the expressed written permission of the Property Management Office. The work of the janitorial service shall not be hindered by tenants after 6:00 PM and such work may be done at any time when the Leased Premises are vacant. The windows, doors and fixtures outside of the Leased Premises may be cleaned at any time.

Should you experience any problems with the quality of the housekeeping in your office, please notify your Office Manager, who will in turn contact the Property Management Office at (202) 383-8888. We will do our best to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

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