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Green Reserve Parking

The Green Reserve Parking Spaces at Columbia Square encourages monthly garage parkers to drive fuel-efficient vehicles to work or carpool.

Those whose vehicle qualifies are given priority to park in Green Reserve spaces which are located adjacent to the elevators and striped and labeled as Green Reserve.

The Green Reserve Parking Spaces program promotes low-emissions vehicles and car pooling, which cut pollution, reduce traffic congestion, and conserve energy. A vehicle’s energy efficiency depends not only on its design, but also on how it is used. A car is more environmentally friendly when it’s carrying two people rather than one and even more utilized when carrying three. Environmentally friendly commuting choices is one way individuals can have a direct impact on the environment, and the Green Reserve Parking Space program encourages those who do drive to work to carpool and/or take a low emission, fuel-efficient vehicle.

In order to park in a Green Reserve space a vehicle must contain two or more commuters who work at Columbia Square or have an ACEEE rating of 40 or better.

The Green Reserve spaces are currently located next to the garage manager’s office on P1. The manager has a copy of the current ACEEE ratings to check compliance.