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Dry Cleaning Service

Dryy Drop – Dry Clean Lockers

We are pleased to provide building tenants with Dryy Drop Lockers that provide pickup/drop off dry cleaning and laundry service. These lockers are in the 1E hallway by the Subway Café entrance.

How it works:

Download the Dryy Drop app to get started. The App is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Pricing for all service is available on the Dryy App.

  1. Drop – Place garments in locker and close the door. 
  2. Lock – Enter any 4-digit code and twist the knob.
  3. Order – Enter the locker number into the Dryy Drop App and let them know of any special care instructions. 
  4. Pickup – Dryy will send you a locker number and access code when your garments are ready