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Mail & Deliveries

Our mailroom is in the east tower on the lobby level. All USPS mail will be delivered to an assigned mailbox in the mail room. You will be provided with a key to access the mailbox. You will also be assigned a cubby that accommodates larger packages. This mailbox will be labeled with your company name, and you will not need a key to access the packages.

All deliveries come through the loading dock located on 12th Street between E and F Street and are delivered via the freight elevators. If large deliveries require access to the west tower of the building, the vendor must use the east freight elevator from the loading dock to go to the P2 level of the parking garage. They can then cross over to the west freight elevator that they may use to access the tenant floor. Large deliveries cannot be taken through the building lobby to access the west tower.

For outgoing mail, there is a USPS drop box and a FedEx drop box located in the mailroom. The mail dropped in the USPS box is picked up by mail carriers daily at 3:00 PM. The mail in the FedEx drop box is picked up by mail carriers daily at 6:00 PM.