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Modification of Premises

In order to maintain the integrity of the building systems and to allow for peaceful enjoyment by all Tenants, no painting, decorating, or alterations to the Leased Premises are to be done without the prior written consent of the Property Management Office. All requests to make such alterations must be made in writing, specifying the requested modifications in such detail as Tenants require. All alterations, painting, and decorating shall be done by Columbia Square approved contractors, at the Tenant's expense, unless otherwise specifically provided in the Tenant's Lease Agreement. Installation of communication, computer, or alarm systems is to be done in coordination with the Property Management Office. Any damage to the Leased Premises done or caused by the Tenant or its agents or employees will be repaired by Columbia Square employees or contractors at the Tenant's sole cost and expense. Please refer to the Tenant Construction Manual (opens in a new window) for a detailed discussion on modifications and construction related activities.