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Tenant Housekeeping

No flammable or explosive fluids or materials shall be kept or used within the Building except in areas approved by the Property Management Office, and the Tenant shall comply with all applicable building and fire codes related hereto.

Doors leading to all sidewalks, entries, passages, courts, corridors, stairways, elevators, and other similar areas in or to the Building shall be kept closed when not in use. The Tenant shall lock all doors leading from the Leased Premises to all sidewalks, entries, passages, courts, corridors, stairways and elevators, and turn out all lights at the close of their working day.

No room or rooms shall be occupied as sleeping or lodging apartments at any time.

No vending machine or machines other than usual office equipment shall be installed, maintained, or operated upon the Leased Premises without the written consent of the Property Management Office.